Momentum Multiply embraces the future of healthcare with DNAlysis

Johannesburg, January 22: Momentum Multiply to partner with DNAlysis Biotechnology, one of the country’s premier genetic testing laboratories, to bring its members personalised healthcare services.

From January, Momentum Multiply members will be able to buy a range of genetic screening tests from the DNAlysis online shop and get 20% of the value of the transaction as cashbacks.

The promise of individualised medicine is rapidly becoming a reality. At its most simple, personalised medicine recognises that no two people share the same healthcare needs. The more closely healthcare can be tailored to an individual’s biological characteristics and circumstances, the better off they — and the healthcare system — will be.

Personalised medicine is the future of healthcare and has advanced in leaps and bounds, enabling doctors to provide tailored treatment for patients based on their unique genetic signatures,” says Damian McHugh, Executive Head of Health Marketing, Momentum Health Solutions.

“By partnering with DNAlysis,” says Johan Kleu, Executive Head of Momentum Multiply, “we are now able to offer the life-changing benefits of DNA testing to our members. Genetic screening allows people to take control of their health and make decisions about what is best for their wellbeing, whether it’s about diet, medication, or the risk of certain illnesses.”

“We are delighted to partner with a forward-thinking company that is embracing one of the most significant advances in modern medicine,” says Dr Danny Meyersfeld, CEO of DNAlysis Biotechnology. “DNA tests provide extremely useful information about a broad range of health factors, such as an increased risk of developing certain conditions and responsiveness to prescription medications. Genetic sequencing and advances in diagnostics offer an exciting opportunity to improve the future of individualised healthcare for all and hold enormous promise for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.”

Understanding your genes can help you make informed decisions for a lifetime of health, giving you unique insights into your health and susceptibility to chronic diseases. This enables in-depth personalisation of diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations for optimal health, improved longevity, and prevention of disease.

In addition to identifying risk, genetic screening enables healthcare practitioners to provide the most suitable medicine, at the right dose, for the right person, at the right time – all of which accelerates healing. For Momentum Multiply members, this could mean reduced healthcare costs in the long run, by helping to prevent disease early on and taking a targeted approach to treatment.

“Our practitioners, who are well-versed in genomics, are able to accurately interpret the reports that are produced based on the screening tests,” says Dr Meyersfeld. “All of the insights and risk factors identified through the testing process empower the patient and their healthcare provider to take the necessary steps to improve their health outcomes.”

Momentum Multiply members can visit to find an accredited practitioner or buy a DNA test online. A practitioner from the DNAlysis accredited network will guide members through the process.

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