Reducing Metabolic Syndrome Risk Using a Personalized Wellness Program

The most recent data suggest that between 22.9%4 and 25%5 of US adults between the ages of 18 and 65 (44 to 48 million individuals) meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome (Met S), with prevalence higher among females, and increasing significantly with age and body weight. This study set out to ascertain the impact of a targeted, gene-based personalized wellness [...]

SA Practitioners leading the way

So says Dr Yael Joffe, nutrigenomics expert and member of the DNAlysis scientific advisory board. Speaking at the DNAlysis year end function, Yael shared her experiences of the international nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics conferences she has attended this year.  It is apparent that DNAlysis has developed and trained one of the largest practitioner networks in the [...]

Translational Nutrigenomics 2015

A Science and Culinary Conversation The future of medicine is being defined by genetics. Food is the raw material that governs genetic expression. An individuals health or ill-health is impacted by diet-gene interactions. The question is - how will you explain this to your clients?   Translational Nutrigenomics is a revolutionary paradigm that brings together [...]