How DNA testing can effectively help prevent malaria

In December last year there was a severe Malaria outbreak in South Africa, specifically in provinces such as Limpopo and Mpumalanga, where cases of cerebral malaria were reported. The South Africa National Travel Health Network mentioned their key prevention strategy included spraying houses within the infected areas with long acting residual Insecticides. While this may [...]

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Your pill isn’t my pill

You’re feeling ill. You visit the doctor, pick up a script and head to the pharmacy to collect your meds. The person in front of you in the queue just came from the doctor too. And they have the same script. Once you’ve both taken your medication, you’ll feel an equal improvement, right? Wrong. Due [...]

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Codeine: You could be putting your child at risk

Did you know that common medications such as Myprodol, Mybulen, Benylin C and Sinutab could harm you, your unborn baby and your child? These medications have one thing in common – they all include a drug called Codeine; an opioid drug which is often compared to morphine and is used to treat mild to moderate [...]

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