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How do I get the testing done?

Do I need to fast before doing a test?

Is there a all-in-one test?

Can I book an appointment with a healthcare practitioner?

How long does it take to get the results back?

How much is the feedback consultation fee?

How does one get tested in countries abroad, outside of South Africa?

Are you ISO accredited?

Are you regulated by any health body?

Are the tests covered by medical aid? / Can I submit the invoice to my medical aid?

Are you partnered with anyone internationally or locally?

Can a dietician do a DNA Health Test?

Can DNAlysis pick up food allergies?

Can I test my risk for disease?

Do you test for ApoE4 ?

Do you test MTHFR?

Do you do DNA testing for breast cancer risk?

Do you do paternity tests?

Can I buy the tests with my eBucks?

Can I do the testing with my own doctor?

I am interested in DNA Diet. Would the most suitable practitioner by a Dietitian?

Do you give me an eating plan to follow exactly?

How do I know if my medication is working? I get side effects from my medications, what can I do about this?

How do your tests differ from the 23 and me?

Does one need a specific qualification to become a DNAlysis Practitioner?