SA Practitioners Leading The Way

So says Dr Yael Joffe, nutrigenomics expert and member of the DNAlysis scientific advisory board.

Speaking at the DNAlysis year-end function, Yael shared her experiences of the international nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics conferences she has attended this year.  It is apparent that DNAlysis has developed and trained one of the largest practitioner networks in the world,  a credit to the thirst for knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit of our local practitioners.

We have also seen the rise of credible nutrigenomic organisations worldwide, such as the International Society for Nutrigenetics / Nutrigenomics (ISNN) and NuGo, that act as reliable sources of information and research for practitioners looking to grow their knowledge in this field.

The rise of nutrigenomics organisations and the gradual incorporation of this science into mainstream medicine will see an increased demand for knowledgeable, well-trained nutrigenomics practitioners. With the recent development by Yael of her online training course, the opportunity exists for local practitioners to stay ahead of the curve and to drive the movement towards a new era of expert nutrigenomics practitioners.