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Partners & Associations





Nordic Laboratories, founded almost 20 years ago, supports and promotes individualised healthcare through an unwavering commitment to scientific integrity, innovation and doing what is best for the patient.

Completely independent, Nordic Laboratories selects only the most reliable genetic and functional laboratory assessments from a wide range of suppliers – based on the accuracy and value of each test. As a result, healthcare practitioners, through Nordic Laboratories, have access to the highest quality tests available anywhere, and from one trusted source.

Nordic Laboratories has selected DNAlysis as its preferred supplier of Nutrigenomics services, and distributes these tests across the globe.  The tests are currently available in Scandinavia, USA, UK, Middle East, Hong Kong and Australia.

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Genetic testing is at the forefront of clinical science. As each budding field needs leaders to innovate and educate, Nordic Laboratories and DNAlysis Biotechnology have combined their efforts to revolutionise healthcare, one gene at a time.

Collaborating with a shared vision for the future, Nordic Laboratories and DNAlysis Biotechnology created DNALife, a global provider of genetic testing, innovation and education. With these tests and their proven professional experience, practitioners can personalise treatment, dietary interventions, and training regimes.







The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) pioneered and has been recognized as the world leader in the systems approach to studying biology for the past 15 years. Guided by the vision of Dr. Lee Hood, ISB’s president and co-founder, ISB has also pioneered the concept of P4 Medicine (personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory). This combination of a systems biology approach with P4 Medicine led to ISB launching in 2014, and completing in 2015, a pilot study called the Hundred Person Wellness Project (HPWP).

During the course of the recently-completed HPWP, the team at ISB conducting the study realized that to more efficiently and cost effectively provide wellness metrics to a broad cross section of the population ISB would spin out a scientific wellness company.  The result is Arivale, which launched on June 22, 2015. For more information about Arivale, please visit

As part of their wellness initiative members of the HPWP were coached on the DNA Diet, DNA Health and DNA Sport genetic tests.  DNAlysis will continue to provide nutrigenomics services as Arivale now look to scale this exciting initiative to 10 000 individuals.