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We took a DNAlysis DNA Test and here’s what we Learnt

This is a DNAlysis Sponsored Content piece, written in collaboration with Zissy Lewin from Nutreats.

DNA Testing – My DNAlysis Experience

This is a DNAlysis Sponsored Content piece, written in collaboration with Inspired Living and Fiona Rossiter

Momentum Multiply embraces the future of healthcare with DNAlysis

Momentum Multiply to partner with DNAlysis Biotechnology, one of the country’s premier genetic testing laboratories…

Did you know that oral health is a window to general health?

Testing for genetic mutations can determine if you have an increased risk of developing major diseases

Genetics and its role in personalised medicine

Owing to advances in genomic technology, the days of personalised medicine are truly upon us. Personalised medicine,

Genetic testing offers South Africans powerful personalised healthcare

How it works With advancements in the field of pharmacogenomics, the process of genetic testing has become increasingly simple and

Gene testing puts your health back into your hands

It might be the influence of millennials, the rise of online culture or more accessibility to information,

You Only Live Twice

Science is pumping in billions searching for solutions that will help humans live longer – and better – and one day even indefinitely.

Research was in this Doctor’s DNA

When Dr Danny Meyersfeld founded DNAlysis Biotechnology just over 10 years ago, there was no plan B

The Future of Personalised Healthcare is Here

Thanks to advances in human genomics, the days of generalised healthcare are long gone,

A New Oestrogen Test to Help Reduce Cancer Risk

With the exception of identical twins, all people have small differences or variations in their genetic

DNAlysis Review: How DNA tests can help personalise medicine

DNA tests have gained in popularity over the last few years. They reveal a lot about us, but the data can be overwhelming.