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Peak Performance Bundle



Achieve your sports performance goals with our Peak Performance bundle.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x DNA Test Kit
  • 1 x DNASport report
  • 1 x DNAResilience report
  • 1 x DNAHealth report

Peak Performance is designed to provide you with a greater overall understanding of your sporting potential and help you reach optimal performance.

DNASport report provides highly personalised and effective training advice for power and endurance potential, while supporting recovery and decreasing risk for injury, allowing you to adapt to, and maximize your genetic strengths.

DNAResilience report can determine your genetic potential for performing in stressful situations and provides personalised recommendations from which intrinsic strengths can be amplified and existing weaknesses reduced

DNAHealth is valuable for those who would like to optimise health outcomes and refine their health routine with a targeted approach to diet, lifestyle and nutraceuticals.