Ancestry Screening

DNAlysis is proud to bring you myDNAorigin, the most comprehensive ancestry test in Africa


Discover your origins with the most comprehensive ancestry test in Africa.
By analysing thousands of genetic variations in your DNA, and comparing them to established population databases, we can take you back thousands of generations to determine where in the world your ancestors came from.

Where in the world is your DNA from?

The story of our human ancestry is written in one place – our genes. As DNA is passed down from generation to generation, it contains information from all of our ancestors, recombined in such a way that makes each of us unique.

The current genetic makeup of the world’s population is the direct result of migrations and settlements from Africa to the four corners of the world, which occurred as a result of changes in climate, cultural progress and territorial conquests.

Today, human populations are largely organised into three ancestral population groups – Africa, Asia and Eurasia – with genetic diversity existing between these groups. By analysing millions of variants at the same time we acquire excellent resolution in identifying your origin based on your genetic profile.