Running my own private practice, Munchwize, as a registered dietitian in Cape Town – I found it’s essential to equip yourself with all the tools possible in order to help your clients to ensure they achieve their own health goals. Having the expertise and ability to implement DNA tests as a tool, has been an amazing progression in technology and it feels like it’s the missing link that has bridged the gap to really personalising health and nutrition. I’m so excited to be a part of this advancement and to have the opportunity to work with DNAlysis so that individuals have access to this incredible insight to obtain optimal health. All the tests offered: DNA Health, Diet, Sport and Oestrogen are extremely insightful and beneficial which have provided a foundation for individuals to motivate for concrete change within their lifestyle.

Rochez O’Grady, RD, MunchWize

As a dietitian in private practice, DNAlysis has really helped me to give my patients a more personalized service. It takes out a lot of the guess work so that you can concentrate on the underlying problems from the start, rather than taking weeks of trial and error to produce the desired results. It is so nice to know the risks associated with your DNA and know how you can decrease your risks. If I could, I would do a DNAlysis test for every single one of my patients.

Toni Brien RD

I have been using the DNA diet kits for almost 2 years now with great success. Using DNA diet as one of the tools for weight management is beneficial both for me and my client. Most of the weight loss clients have been on many diets before. DNA diet results will provide the client with their personal genetic information with regards to weight management and as a practitioner I also find the test very effective in giving me clear guidelines on the treatment protocol with regards to diet and exercise. I have seen great success in this regard. As a scientist I have spent many years on research and it is therefore essential to me that using a test, screening tools or dietary information in my practice, that it is backed by scientific evidence. This was indeed one of the key factors why I started to use the DNA kits in my practice. The accreditation course and all the information provided is always supported by sound scientific evidence.

Dr Martie de Wet RD

My name is Danielle Hambloch, I am a registered dietitian with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. I am currently doing my masters through the University of Bloemfontein with the focus on Nutrigenomics. I am also accredited with DNALYSIS, and have worked with the genetic testing, specifically the DNA Diet test. I have found the tests to be very useful in my practice, and have had outstanding results with regards to successful weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. In certain instances, clients have tried numerous diets and have had no success, and through the genetic testing they are not only achieving successful weight loss but are also able to maintain the lifestyle change.

Danielle Hambloch RD

We have been using the dna diet test since the launch in March 2010. As specialist dieticians it has brought a new meaning to the concept of tailor made eating plans. Results from the gene profile analysis gives us information regarding the types of foods to restrict as well as foods to include that will benefit a healthy weight loss. It is our experience that persons on the dna diet have better results than on conventional diet treatments.

My Diet Clinic

The dna health test is the cornerstone of our anti-ageing nutrition plan. It gives us information on the types of food and supplementation that may reduce the risk for chronic diseasey like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, degenerative bone diseases and inflammatory states. We find that people are more willing to make a lifestyle change once they understand their own gene and risk profile

DNA Health

As specialist dieticians we have treated over 5000 clients at our clinics. We are always updating our programs in accordance with the latest approaches in nutrition. The DNA diet test confirms in many instances what we have suspected all along. Clients who have applied the DNA diet test results in their eating and exercise plan have seen significantly better results than those who are on conventional kilo-joule restricted eating plans. We are using the test in: Patients who struggle to lose weight, especially those with a history of yo-yo dieting and fad diets. General weight loss from 3kg and more. Maintenance eating plans. The DNA test is the ID of who you are regarding eating and exercising. Thus avoiding certain foods and exercising according to your genetic results proves to be the ultimate maintenance guideline

My Diet Clinic

Patient J Van Niekerk has struggled to lose weight for many years. We did the DNA diet test on him and the results confirmed that he must avoid high GI carbohydrates and saturated fats. He lost 4 kg in the first 2 weeks and his acne and eczema is clearing up. He hopes to lose 20kg in 16 weeks. We will keep you updated.

Liz-Mare Lusardi RD