Translational Nutrigenomics 2015

A Science and Culinary Conversation

The future of medicine is being defined by genetics. Food is the raw material that governs genetic expression. An individuals health or ill-health is impacted by diet-gene interactions. The question is – how will you explain this to your clients?  

Translational Nutrigenomics is a revolutionary paradigm that brings together the science of nutrigenomics, the practitioner-client conversation, and culinary translation of gene-specific nutrition.


  • Effectively interpret nutrigenomics information for your clients
  • Engage your clients in a meaningful conversation
  • Translate the science into an appropriate and actionable nutrition plan
  • Design culinary plans that connect ingredients and recipes to enhance gene expression or compensate for inherited genotypes

This exciting new concept will be presented for the first time in the world in Johannesburg, South Africa by local and international Nutrigenomics specialists.  Attendees will have once-off access to never-before-seen Translational Nutrigenomics.  Some of the content will thereafter be presented in May 2015 in the United States.


  • Dr Yael Joffe RD PhD (Nutrigenomics – South Africa)
  • Amanda Archibald RD (Culinary Translation – United States)
  • Christine Houghton (Nutritional & Clinical Biochemist – Australia)


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