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Have you hit your training plateau?

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to exercise and sports performance. Train according to your unique genetic potential to get maximum benefit.

About This Test

DNA Active® is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of training and nutritional recommendations to optimise athletic performance. It provides insight into power and endurance potential, genetic risk for soft tissue injuries and how to ensure optimal recovery time between high intensity sessions.

The DNA Active report is your handy reference guide to weight management, exercise responsiveness, nutrient requirements, and a host of other factors that will combine to help you reach your performance goals.


Ideal for:

The DNA Active test was created to assist trainers and coaches in designing unique and effective training and nutrition programmes, optimised to assist clients in accomplishing their performance and weight loss goals.
The test is suitable for the elite performance athlete as well as the recreational athlete looking to maximise their fitness potential and reach peak levels of conditioning.

Report Insights

How It Works

Test Results

The selection of genes included in the DNA Active test have multiple peer review studies examining how variations in these genes contribute to differences in training and dietary interventions.

The genes tested influence responsiveness to strength and endurance training, risk for injury, as well as the metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, to assist in creating a personalized exercise and diet plan.

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The Process

Step 01. Order test and choose your consulting practitioner
Step 02. Collect your DNA sample using the DNAlysis test kit that is sent to you
Step 03. Sample is sent to the DNAlysis laboratory and report sent to your healthcare practitioner within 21 days
Step 04. Explore your DNA. Your healthcare practitioner will notify you once they receive the report to set up a consultation. Your data is securely stored for future reports, if desired.