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Dreading the scale? Battling to lose weight?

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to weight loss. Find the diet type that is most suitable for you, based on your own unique, genetic makeup. Work with one of our trained practitioners to craft a diet plan that will give you the best chance of ensuring healthy, sustainable weight loss

About This Test

DNA Diet® is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of diet and lifestyle recommendations in order to manage weight. It provides insight into which diet type (low carbohydrate, low fat, or Mediterranean diet) would be most suitable for you according to your unique genetic makeup.


Ideal for:

The DNA Diet test is suitable for any individual who is trying to lose weight, or has experienced weight loss resistance in the past, or has tried many different diet types without success, or who simply wants to optimise their macronutrient distribution for improved weight management outcomes. There is no one diet or way of eating that is correct for everyone. DNA Diet will help you understand how your genetic profile can impact your response to different eating plans and which type of diet is best for you

Report Insights

How It Works

Test Results

Studies have shown that dietary intake and nutrition knowledge is greatly improved in individuals who received personalised nutrition advice as compared to generalized diet advice.

The selection of genes included in the DNA Diet test have multiple peer review studies examining how variations in these genes contribute to differences in dietary interventions.

These genes impact metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, to assist in creating a personalized diet plan.

The Process

Step 01. Order test and choose your consulting practitioner
Step 02. Collect your DNA sample using the DNAlysis test kit that is sent to you
Step 03. Sample is sent to the DNAlysis laboratory and report sent to your healthcare practitioner within 21 days
Step 04. Explore your DNA. Your healthcare practitioner will notify you once they receive the report to set up a consultation. Your data is securely stored for future reports, if desired.



Danielle Hambloch

Danielle Hambloch
I have worked extensively with genetic testing, specifically the DNA Diet test. I have found the tests to be very useful in my practice, and have had outstanding results with regards to successful weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. In certain instances, clients have tried numerous diets and have had no success, and through the genetic testing they are not only achieving successful weight loss but are also able to maintain the lifestyle change.

Dr Martie de Wet

Dr Martie de Wet
Using DNA diet as one of the tools for weight management is beneficial both for me and my client. Most of the weight loss clients have been on many diets before. DNA diet results will provide the client with their personal genetic information with regards to weight management and as a practitioner I also find the test very effective in giving me clear guidelines on the treatment protocol with regards to diet and exercise. I have seen great success in this regard