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Having the scientific knowledge to translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions is essential for the responsible integration of DNA testing into healthcare practice.  DNAlysis offers training programs which will help equip you, the healthcare practitioner, with the necessary knowledge to use DNA tests in your practice. These programs provide basic understanding of the concepts and terminology of Nutrigenomics, highlight how genetic factors may predispose to disease, and how these genetic factors can be overcome with the appropriate interventions.   We offer two training courses:


Option 1: DNAlysis Training Seminars

We hold training seminars throughout the year that give an excellent overview of each of the four nutrigenomics tests, and provide a good introduction into using these tests in your practice.

Seminars are held in JHB, CT and Durban, and can be arranged elsewhere upon request.

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Option 2: Foundations in Nutrigenomics by Manuka Science

Nutrigenomics is THE cutting edge of nutrition science. As interest in personalized medicine increases, your patients will ask you about genetic testing. This course will provide practitioners with adequate training to accurately and usefully interpret their client’s results and transition them into realistic and personalised food solutions.

This course is now accredited with 30 CPD points from ADSA

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