DNA Core Wellness Package
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DNA Core Wellness Package
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Your options to kickstart your personalised health journey:

Do a DNACore test

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There is no one size fits all when it comes
to optimal health.

Discover the power of personalised healthcare with South Africa’s premier genetic testing laboratory.

What your DNA can tell you
Discover which test is right for you
Accredited Practitioners
How to take a DNAlysis test
Frequently asked questions

You are unique, your healthcare
should be too.

There is a new paradigm in medicine which is seeing a shift away from the traditionally reactive, one-size-fits-all approach to a more personalised and predictive mode of practice.

DNA testing is a key component of this paradigm shift, by motivating behaviour change, helping you to understand your own, personal health priorities, and providing the tools required to reduce your disease risk.

What your DNA can tell you.

Our DNA code reveals everything about us; from the colour of our eyes to our levels of caffeine tolerance. Small variations in our DNA code can play a massive role in the functioning of genes within key biological pathways.

At DNAlysis we read and decipher your genetic code, allowing you to use these insights to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Discover which DNAlysis test is right for you.

DNAlysis offers a range of DNA panels that cover a broad spectrum of health concerns or priorities. Use this filter to find the tests that are most relevant for you. Remember; after your first purchase any subsequent nutrigenomic test order is only R750.

DNACore Wellness Package

Your exclusive wellness upgrade includes: 1 Dietitian consultation, 5 wellness…


The next generation DNA test comprising insights on nutrient requirements, weight management, exercise advice and cellular health

DNA Pain

Do you suffer from Chronic Pain or increased pain sensitivity?

HLA Risk Screening

Various genetic and environmental factors have been found to contribute…

DNA Diet

Not sure what you should be eating to manage your weight?

DNA Health

DNA Health® tests for genetic variations that are known to…


Medcheck gives you insights into your responsiveness to different medications and the likelihood of side effects and treatment failure.

DNA Mind

DNA Mind reports on variants in 30 genes involved in…

DNA Active

The DNA Active test was created to assist trainers and…

DNA Resilience

DNA Resilience is a genetic test targeted at individuals who…

DNA Sport

DNA Sport is a genetic test that provides insight into…

DNA Oestrogen

Approximately 80% of breast cancer occurs in women with little…


GrowBaby is a genetic test for moms-to-be, designed to help…

DNA Skin

DNA Skin analyses genes involved in biological areas that influence…

DNA Smile

Your oral health has a great impact on your overall…


Discover your origins with the most comprehensive ancestry test in Africa. By analysing thousands of genetic variations in your DNA, and comparing...

Still not sure where to start?

Chat with us to arrange a free, fifteen minute consultation to help you discover the tests best suited to you.

The practitioner’s choice.

In order to fully benefit from your DNAlysis test you need to know what to do with the data it reveals.

It is for this reason that we pair you with a DNAlysis accredited practitioner, or one of our in-house nutrigenetic-trained healthcare professionals, that can consult with you on the results of your DNAlysis test.

To ensure the appropriate and responsible use of genetic testing in practice, DNAlysis offers comprehensive training to healthcare practitioners using our DNA tests.

How to take a DNAlysis test

Order your DNAlysis test

The test kit sent to you will contain all necessary instructions for collecting your DNA sample

Return your sample to the DNAlysis laboratory. Your DNA report will be sent to your healthcare practitioner within 21 days.

Explore your DNA with your chosen healthcare practitioner. Your data is securely stored for future reports, if desired.

Frequently asked questions

If you have not been referred by a healthcare practitioner, you can choose an accredited DNAlysis practitioner from the Find a Practitioner directory. Alternatively, a practitioner will be assigned to you after you complete your purchase.

For you to gain maximum benefit from the DNA reports, DNAlysis works with accredited healthcare practitioners that have received training on our DNA tests, how to interpret the genetic results, and translate them into practical nutrition and lifestyle interventions personalised to you. It is only in the hands of a well-trained practitioner that genetic tests become truly valuable.

Your DNA report will be ready in 21 working days from the time your sample reaches the laboratory, excluding the MyDNAOrigin report which will take 6-8 weeks.

he feedback consultation fee is payable to your healthcare practitioner. Each practitioner has unique rates, which is why DNAlysis cannot quote you on a feedback consultation. Contact your practitioner directly to find out their consultation fees. Consultations with healthcare practitioners can be submitted to your medical aid for reimbursement.

For testing outside of South Africa please contact our international office: www.dnalife.healthcare

Yes, DNAlysis is a SANAS, ISO accredited laboratory.

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