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Healthy mom, Healthy baby, Healthy world.

Establishing the foundations for optimum health and development for your baby starts in the preconception and perinatal time period. Targeted interventions, using insights from a genetic test, can optimise the health of the mother, supporting a healthier pregnancy, and resulting in optimal outcomes for mom and baby.

About This Test

The GrowBaby DNA test provides valuable insights into key biological pathways that influence maternal and fetal health. Health outcomes can be optimised, for mom and baby, using gene-based personalised diet, supplement, and lifestyle interventions from pre-conception to birth and beyond.


Ideal for:

Any woman planning to conceive, optimising health during pregnancy or trying to fall pregnant with a history of pregnancy complications may benefit from the GrowBaby test.

Report Insights

How It Works

Test Results

Studies have shown that dietary intake and nutrition knowledge is greatly improved in individuals who received personalised nutrition advice as compared to general advice for maternal and fetal health.

The selection of genes included in the GrowBaby test have multiple peer review studies examining how variations in these genes contribute to birth phenotypes, birth outcomes and birth conditions.

The GrowBaby report enables the personalisation of diet, nutritional and supplement recommendations according to your unique genetic profile.

The Process

Step 01. Order test and choose your consulting practitioner
Step 02. Collect your DNA sample using the DNAlysis test kit that is sent to you
Step 03. Sample is sent to the DNAlysis laboratory and report sent to your healthcare practitioner within 21 days
Step 04. Explore your DNA. Your healthcare practitioner will notify you once they receive the report to set up a consultation. Your data is securely stored for future reports, if desired.