Nutritional Genetics

DNA Smile

Your oral health has a great impact on your overall health and there is a growing evidence that supports the link between risk for periodontal disease and the development of other chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and cognitive decline.
DNA Smile is a genetic test designed to give insights into the state of your oral health and your predisposition for developing periodontal disease, tooth caries and other systemic diseases. The DNA Smile report offers targeted, personalised diet, nutraceutical, lifestyle, and oral health recommendations to offset possible genetic weaknesses and optimise oral and systemic health outcomes. DNA Smile reports on 20 gene variations involved in the key biological areas including:
Innate immunity, Inflammation and acquired immunity, Sweet-tooth predisposition, Detoxification, Lipid metabolism – all of which are central in the management of periodontal and systemic health.

Ideal for:

Individuals who may benefit from the test include those that are about to undergo a dental procedure, those with a family history/personal history of poor oral health, or who have amalgam fillings. The test may also offer benefit and insight to those who have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, diabetes or have uncontrolled blood glucose levels