Cancer Screening

Standard screening programs are effective for some but not all cancer types and in general are far more complex and resource-intensive than early diagnosis as they require special equipment and dedicated personnel. Performing Cancer screening tests regularly may find breast, cervical, and colorectal (colon) cancers early, when treatment is likely to work best.

Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of multiple cancers in asymptomatic individuals. Trucheck is intended to be performed annually as a routine test.

Why should I consider Trucheck™?

  • Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and their clusters are present in the blood of almost all cancer patients and are undetectable even in seemingly healthy individuals.
  • Trucheck™ technology to detect and characterize CTCs has been proven through extensive clinical validations involving more than 40,000 participants.
  • The test is performed at the world-class Datar Cancer Genetics laboratory, which meets and exceeds all national and international standards.

Trucheck™ Cancer Screening Tests

Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of Breast Cancer in asymptomatic individuals.

Trucheck Breast: R11 845

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Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of Prostate Cancer in asymptomatic individuals.

Trucheck Prostate: R11 845

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Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of Diabetes Associated Cancers in asymptomatic individuals.

Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes are twice as likely to be diagnosed with liver or pancreatic cancers as compared to those without Type 2 Diabetes. These individuals are also at higher risk of other cancers such as those of the gallbladder, kidney, bladder and colorectum. 

Trucheck™ DM is intended to be used for the detection of cancers of the Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Kidney, Bladder and Colorectum, in individuals recently diagnosed, or with existing, Type 2 Diabetes.

Trucheck Diabetes Associated Cancers: R16 583

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Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of 70+ Cancer types in asymptomatic individuals.

Melanoma, Head and Neck, Salivary Gland, Thyroid, Lung, Breast, Liver, Biliary Tract, Gastro-Intestinal, Soft Tissue and Osteosarcomas, Mesothelioma, Urinary Tract, Gynecological, Male Cancers including Prostate, CNS, Thymus, Adrenal, Skin.

Trucheck Intelli: R22 195

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How it works?

Step 01. Send us your details, including which Trucheck test you would like to do. We will contact you to answer your questions and send you an invoice for payment.
Step 02. Complete the electronic forms required for the test – this includes your personal details as well as those of the doctor you would like your report to be sent to. The results of this test can only be sent to a medical doctor who will advise if further investigation needs to be done.
Step 03. You will be contacted by Unique Diagnostics to arrange your simple blood draw at a laboratory closest to you. This blood draw needs to be done on a Monday morning (fasted).
Step 04. Your sample will be sent to DATAR CANCER GENETICS, United Kingdom, for analysis.
Step 05. Your Trucheck™ results will be sent to your specified doctor within 12 working days. Contact your doctor to arrange a consultation to discuss the results.


Trucheck™ is not intended to be and should not be considered as a replacement for any Standard of Care screening tests.

Within the limits of error, a ‘negative’ result is a reasonable indication of undetectable cancer of the type covered by the test. For other cancers not covered by the test, no inference should be drawn from a ‘negative’ result.

A ‘negative’ result means that at the time of the test there were no detectable cancer cells circulating in the blood.

As Trucheck™ is a non-invasive blood test, there is no disadvantage in frequent testing. However, we advise that Trucheck™ should be performed every 12 months in case of every negative result.

The test indicates the location for the select types of cancers with high accuracy, and in others the Tissue of Origin can be identified with reasonable accuracy. In all cases of 'positive' results, the report should be interpreted by your physician who can guide you on further course of action.

No, such individuals should seek expert medical advice without delay.

'Game-changer' blood test is even better at finding early breast cancers than a mammogram - Mail Online

The Trucheck test, which highlights cancer cells circulating in the blood, correctly identifies 92 per cent of breast cancers – around five percentage points higher than mammography.