Nutritional Genetics

DNA Mind

DNA Mind reports on variants in 30 genes involved in key biological pathways, from serotonin and dopamine to inflammation and methylation, that have been shown to have significant associations with mental health, and provides personalised diet, lifestyle and nutraceutical recommendations as well as valuable ‘diagnostic insights’.

Ideal for:

The test is suitable for those who are concerned about a family history of, or are personally suffering from mental illness, specifically in the area of addiction, cognitive decline, or mood disorders. The Medcheck test should be considered alongside DNA Mind in these cases.
DNA Mind is also valuable as an adjunct to DNA Health for clients seeking to improve overall longevity, including mental wellness by refining their health routine with a targeted approach to diet, lifestyle, and nutraceuticals.

We analyse genes that have been shown to have significant associations with key mental health disorders. Taking this test will help you understand the environmental factors that contribute to the risks of developing mental health disorders and how to avoid the onset of a range of neurological disorders.